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cover mtl prochesaidantsThe Comité de mobilisation du CIUSS in the West Central region of Montreal has published a brochure that gathers available resources for caregivers of seniors. Most of these services are free or subsidized. 

Source: CIUSSS du Centre-Ouest-de-l'Île-de-Montréal 


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The following is part of our project “Increasing Access to Justice for Older Adult Victims of Sexual Assault: A Capacity Building Approach”, funded by the Justice Canada Victims Fund.Learn more about this project or consult the full list of resources

cover sexual violence supports albertaThe Sexual Violence Police Advisory Committee (SVPAC) of Alberta Justice and Solicitor General developed these cards for police services to distribute to victims of sexual violence. The cards affirm the rights of complainants to have their wishes respected at each stage of the criminal justice process and provide information about where to find supports and services in their community.

Source: Alberta Government

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seniorshandbookcover"This guide is for seniors, their family members, caregivers, friends, and anyone else who may find it useful. It isn’t meant to include everything but tries to answer some common concerns when it comes to seniors’ safety and security. Our goal is to raise awareness of seniors’ safety issues to improve their quality of life. The information in this guide can also be used to help people and their loved ones discuss this topic to help recognize potential crime situations and show how to reduce or remove the risk. We hope that readers will find the information useful."

Source: RCMP

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socialisolation cover''Social Isolation is defined as a state of complete or near complete lack of contact between an individual and society. Isolation can be an issue for people of any age, however, as we age, the impact of becoming socially isolated can be more detrimental to our well being. This resource will primarily explore the experience of social isolation as it relates to older adults. The goal is to assist in the recognition of those at risk in the community and to better equip individuals to help out.''

Source: Toronto Police Service


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