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bccrn brochure"BC CRN is a provincial umbrella organization that supports local CRNs who in turn work to create a strong community response for adults who may be experiencing or impacted by abuse, neglect, and self-neglect."

Source: BC Association of Community Response Networks

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"For many of us, the holidays offer a once-a-year time to visit with elderly relatives who live at a distance. These holiday visits are a good time to assess what assistance parents or other elderly loved ones might need to safely age in their homes. There are many things to consider. Prepare a checklist of things to look out for and to discuss with your elderly loved one."

Source: National Centre on Elder Abuse

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The following resource is part of the Family Violence Initiative, funded by the RCMP. Find similar tools by searching for the FVIF tag or consult the list of available resources.

makingchanges cover

"If you are a woman experiencing abuse or if you have previously been abused, this book is intended to help you.(...)
If you are a worker who offers support and counselling, or a friend or family member of a woman experiencing abuse, you may find this book helpful as well.  
For friends and family members, we have added a chapter beginning on page 70.

Content is constantly being updated. For the most recent edition, visit and follow the links to the publications on violence.
For additional resources, visit"

  • Section regarding Older Women: p. 12-13
  • Useful websites: p.86
  • Directory of Agencies and Services: p.88

Source: Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women

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recognizefinancialabuse brochure fcnb''This brochure helps families and caregivers recognize red flags of financial abuse and take the next step to report and stop the abuse.''

Find more resources on the FCNB's  senior financial resources page

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senioraware screenshot"The Senior Aware program is a tool to sensitize seniors, professionals and the general public to the abuse and fraud to which seniors may be subjected. Through information sessions, police officers, professionals and senior volunteers provide a complete portrait of the kinds of abuse and fraud that affect seniors in particular, as well as advice to help prevent them.

The Senior Aware program is the result of a cooperative effort of three organizations directly involved with seniors and the prevention of fraud and abuse. The Réseau FADOQ, the Sûreté du Québec and the University-affiliated Centre of social gerontology of West-Central Montreal Health have combined their expertise to offer senior citizens information sessions that provide targeted audiences with a wide range of practical advice.

FADOQ, Sûreté du Québec and University-affiliated centre of social gerontology of West-Central Montreal Health have put together a Provincial Advisory Committee composed of experts against Fraud and Abuse in order to complement and enrich the content of the various tools of the Program.

Source: Fadoq - Senior-Aware - Prevent Abuse and Fraud 


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