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cover oadisabilities beaulieuen''Even though the field of countering mistreatment of older adults has seen development for fifty years, research that clearly links “mistreatment”, “older adults” and “disabilities” are rare. Even rarer are the works that give a voice to older adults with disabilities who went through mistreatment, so they can talk about their experiences and speak about their services trajectory.

From 2019 to 2022, research was conducted with the goal of academically and practically documenting the psychological mistreatment as well as the material and financial mistreatment ofolder adults with disabilities, which classifies them as disabled in Québec. It was done with the intention to contribute to the understanding of a problem by relying on experimental material. This research concretizes the 49th measure of the Governmental action plan to counter mistreatment of older adults 2017-2022. It has three objectives: review the pool of knowledge based on the scientific literature, describe situations of mistreatment and services trajectory in the light of statements from older adults with disabilities, and elaborate recommendations. Each of these objectives is clearly stated in this summary. This work was possible due to the meeting and the participation of people from the University research community, social workers from the Health and social services network (RSSS) and community organizations, as well as associations or groups of disabled people (see Annex 1).''

Source: Research Chair on Mistreatment of Older Adults


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