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Being Heard:
Police Response and Support for Older Victims of Sexual Assault

Thursday, November 21, 2019
10 AM Pacific time / 1 PM Eastern Time





When sexual assaults happen to older adults, seniors can experience barriers in disclosing and working with Police. Join Laura Proctor (Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario) to learn about these barriers, prevalence, and risk factors; along with Detective Staff Sergeant Tracey Bednarczyk and Detective Inspector Karen Arney (Ontario Provincial Police) to learn about police response and support for seniors, victim response support strategy, and what happens during an investigation.

Who is this webinar for?
This webinar is geared towards both law enforcement and service providers across Canada. The goal is

  • to help better understand current trends and prevalence of sexual violence against older adults
  • to share the Police process
  • to learn about recent changes in how Police investigate crimes affecting the most vulnerable


lauraproctor eapo sept2019Laura Proctor is currently the Central East, Regional Elder Abuse Consultant for Elder Abuse Ontario.
Laura has worked in the field of elder abuse/Victim Services for over 15 years. In her current position, she provides front-line training and public education, collaborates with local, provincial and national stakeholders to enhance the response to elder abuse. Laura consults with seniors, families, and agencies on elder abuse cases. Laura previously worked for Victim Services and was a member of the Edmonton Elder Abuse Intervention Team, providing direct intervention and supports to victims of Elder Abuse in collaboration with Edmonton Police Services. 
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bednarczyk t s.sgt oct2019Detective Staff Sergeant Tracey Bednarczyk has been 18 years with the Ontario Provincial Police, and is currently Central Region lead for the Victim Response Support Unit, working to add value to sexual assault investigations through oversight, victim support, and working with community agencies who support victims/survivors of sexual assault. Contact Sergeant Bednarczyk by email or 705-330-3721 Ext. 2721



arney k insp ghq oct2019Detective Inspector Karen Arney has been a member of the Ontario Provincial Police since 1992 and is currently the manager of the O.P.P. Victim Response Support Unit. This unit provides support and expertise for sexual assault investigations throughout the province. She has held positions in sexual assault/abuse issues/ crime units and was a member of the Major Investigation Support team along with various other investigative units throughout her career. In 2007, she was trained and certified as a Criminal Profiler. She then became the Manager of the Criminal Behaviour Analysis Unit until she was promoted to Inspector in 2016.