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A team of researchers from Western University is looking to interview people for a new study focused on making it easier for older adults to stay in touch through video technology. The team wants to learn about your thoughts and experiences using technology to connect with family/friends to make it more user-friendly. The ultimate goal is to help decrease loneliness and social isolation and thereby improve the quality of life for older adults who are physically separated from their support networks.

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Anita Monai-Brophy is developing a blog series to introduce our Board of Directors. Get to know the people who contribute to every Network decision and project.This is the second post of the series. 

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Healthy Aging CORE Canada, the national knowledge hub for the Community Based Seniors Services (CBSS) sector is expected to launch in late March/early April.

CORE Canada is looking to connect with CBSS programs across Canada with focus areas such as Nutritional Supports; Physical Activity; Health & Wellness; Social Connectedness; Housing; Transportation; Multicultural Supports; Advocacy, Referral & System Navigation; Education, Recreation & Creative Arts; and/or Intergenerational work. If this sounds like your organization, here is how you can participate:

  1. Provide photo(s), quote(s), or a short video/ recorded audio (1 minute long) to be included in the CORE Canada launch event to talk about  the impact of your program in keeping older adults engaged, socially connected, and physically active in their communities.  

  2. Provide a brief write-up describing your program, its purpose and impact, and how it has adapted to COVID, to be profiled on CORE Canada’s Featured Community Programs.

Submissions and questions can be sent to Mike MacNeil: 

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Anita Monai-Brophy is developing a blog series to introduce our Board of Directors. Get to know the people who contribute to every Network decision and project.This is the first post of the series.

Meet Sandra

sandra hirst sept2019Sandra Hirst, Calgary, Alberta
Sandra acts as co-Chair of the CNPEA Board and sits on the Executive, Education, Sustainability and Policy committees. As co-Chair, Sandra assists in facilitating Board meetings and ensures that the work accomplished is always furthering the mission and vision of CNPEA. In addition, Sandra contributes to maintaining relationships with CNPEA members and other organizations, supporting collaborations and conversations between CNPEA and its partners. Sandra brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership skills to CNPEA, honed through her career as a professor in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Calgary, her doctoral work and her research, which focused specifically on Elder Abuse in long-term care facilities. Her passion for working with older adults was fuelled by personal interest in the subject and by experiences within her own family. Once she retired and had some time on her hands, Sandra joined CNPEA, considering it a natural progression of her work. In her personal time, Sandra spends a lot of time baking during Covid-19, like many of us! She hopes to resume travelling around the world with her husband after the pandemic, first stop: Scandinavia. 

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anitamonaibrophyMy name is Anita Monai-Brophy and I am a fourth-year student of the Bachelor of Social Work degree program at MacEwan University. I also have a previous Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology from the King’s University in Edmonton. Currently, I am taking my final practicum at SAGE Seniors Association and CNPEA. SAGE provides recreational and social programs, as well as, a safehouse for older adults fleeing elder abuse. I assist the staff at the safehouse, calling residents, facilitating groups, and researching community resources.

My work and volunteer experience so far have involved working with children, youth, and older adults. Through my father’s business, which provides lawn care services to people 65 and older, I have gained much experience assisting and building relationships with older people. I also became aware that people need increased access to community resources and education on signs of elder abuse and what to do in those situations. In addition to this, I assist my parents who are the primary caregivers to their parents on both sides of the family. These experiences inspired a special interest in and familiarity with the care of older adults, which has led me to social work.

I am hoping that my dual placement at SAGE and CNPEA will allow me to explore the connection between policy and practice, to gain knowledge about the work taking place across Canada, and to discover more about intergenerational programs and how they help combat ageism and abuse. I am hoping to learn more about elder abuse prevention and response, ageism, and existing supports for older adults. I look forward to applying the new skills and knowledge I acquire from this practicum into my future social work career through educating, enhancing, and expanding services for older adults. I hope to better inform my fellow co-workers and clients on the signs and impacts of elder abuse and ageism, in order to help prevent and counteract their negative effects within Edmonton and across the country.  


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