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By Horacio Tereja

Ontario's Minister of Seniors Affairs, Dipika DamerlaOn March 23 2017, Latin@s en Toronto and the Association of Spanish Speaking Seniors of Toronto (ASHTOR) celebrated the completion of two projects aimed at and led by older adults, in the presence of representatives from several community organizations and of Ontario's Minister of Seniors Affairs, Dipika Damerla.

One of the projects (Sharing our lives/Empowering ourselves, funded by the New Horizons for Seniors Program) was focused on intergenerational dialogue, while the other (Let’s Talk, funded by the Ontario Seniors Secretariat) had the objective of sharing and increasing knowledge among seniors on issues such as elder abuse and neglect, Alzheimer’s disease or demographic ageing.

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Among the goals of both projects were the development of outreach materials, which include a website, brochures, presentations, online learning initiatives, conferences, and workshops. The main objective was to compile and publish these resources in digital format, and to make them available for free and indefinitely and accessible online to the Spanish-speaking community.

The four digital publications cover a wide range of issues that all relate to and can be causes of elder mistreatment (stereotypes, ageism, social isolation, caregiver stess, etc.). One of the publications is entirely devoted to Elder Abuse and Neglect. Hablemos de Abuso (Let's talk about abuse) can be accessed online and can also be downloaded in PDF format.  Let's talk about Alzheimer and Let's Talk about Demographics and Gender are also available there.

Latin@s en Toronto, was the organization in charge of compiling these e-books, and Ashtor oversaw the organization of six workshops during which the materials were presented. You can discover their e-publications at this link and share them with the Spanish-speaking seniors you may know.

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