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Are you looking for financial literacy resources for seniors or do you manage a seniors’ group that would benefit from brushing up their knowledge on how to avoid financial abuse and fraud?

Many seniors are contemplating important questions such as “How can I ensure that my money will last through retirement? Should I be thinking about how to manage my financial affairs if at some point I can’t do it myself? What scams should I be aware of?”

To help answer those questions, the Canadian Bankers Association, in partnership with the federal Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, launched a new program called Your Money Seniors offering free financial literacy seminars to Canadian seniors across the country.



Since its official launch in October 2014, the program has already provided seminars to over 1,400 seniors. 

Your Money Seniors is offered free of charge, in English and French, to seniors’ groups across Canada.

The seminars (a series of three one-hour modules on cash management in retirement, preventing financial fraud and preventing financial abuse) are presented by bankers in local communities who volunteer their time and financial expertise. You can check out the video below to get a quick two-minute overview on the program.

How to book a seminar

1- The Your Money Seniors seminars cover three main topics. Take a look at the description of each seminar on the website and select one or more that appeals to your group. The three options include:

2- Fill out the online request form or print out and fax in the paper request with the details of when you would like the seminar to take place and the size of your group (we typically prefer groups to be 10 individuals or more).

It’s as simple as that!

The CBA will call you back to confirm the details of the seminar and match your group with a local banker who will deliver the seminar and provide all participants with a handout to take home. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Canadian Bankers Association for assistance.

Be sure to visit the Your Money Seniors website for additional details on the program and sign up for our Your Money Seniors newsletter to stay in the loop about the program.


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