Back in 2000, a small group of stakeholders and forward thinkers got together to discuss the need for a pan Canadian network. The goal: connecting the numerous people working to stop elder abuse across Canada, and providing access to reliable, up-to-date information to all.

They already knew that elder abuse was a much larger issue than most realized. They also understood that the only efficient way to address this growing issue was to build an informed, coordinated, and cross-sectoral approach, and to increase awareness and understanding of elder abuse among Canadians. From their first meeting to the launch of our knowledge-sharing Hub in 2015, to today - it has been a long road.

Throughout 2020 we will run a fundraising campaign called 20-20 and we hope that you will choose to support us during this landmark year.

10 reasons to donate to CNPEA

You should support us because...

  1. We are the only pan-Canadian knowledge-sharing network focused on Elder Abuse prevention.The only one of our kind.
  2. Our website is an extensive, free library for best practices, research, policies and supports across the country;
  3. We help bolster successful initiatives around Canada and help prevent needless duplication;
  4. We help increase awareness, knowledge, and capacity around elder abuse prevention; we are building a country-wide collective momentum;
  5. Canada needs an Elder Abuse Strategy and CNPEA is uniquely positioned to support its development and its dissemination;
  6. We have existed on the smallest of budgets for a long time and we are reaching the limits of what we can do on it. 
  7. We don’t want the effort, time, and money that were invested in this Network to be in vain;
  8. Project-specific grants offer restricted funding and are always limited in time and scope;
  9. Operations is not a dirty word. It's what allows us to do our job. Yet, most funders will not cover operational costs;
  10. Like you, we work to put an end to ageism and to elder abuse; we want older adults to be treated with respect, to have their rights respected, to have the same opportunities, to age in safety and in health. 

10 ways to support the CNPEA

There are many ways for you to show your support, here are our top 10:

  1. Make an online donation. You can make a one time gift, or give monthly to create a lasting impact; 
  2. Make a securities donation;
  3. Ask your friends to donate to CNPEA through a Facebook fundraiser;
  4. Consider us in your estate planning, make a bequest or other planned gift;
  5. Register for a run in the Spring (such as the Scotia Bank run) and help raise funds and awareness for CNPEA and elder abuse prevention;
  6. Host an activity to raise some funds for us: at work or with your friends, throw a brunch or a party, host a game, have a lemonade stand or a bake sale!
  7. Sign up to become a member and receive our newsletters. Share our news widely;
  8. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter;
  9. Share and retweet our posts;
  10. Plan an event for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day in your community and let us know what you're up too (email us or tag us)

Your donations and support make all the difference in helping us fulfill our mission.
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