List of Community Emergency Contacts

Call your local police if the situation is not an emergency but you suspect it might be against the law.

Ask to speak to someone who has been trained in senior abuse, or domestic/family violence. 
A list of local police detachments can be found here.

If you are experiencing elder abuse, call the Family Violence Crisis Line for 24 hour support: 1-866-223-7775

NWT Seniors Society

Senior Info Line
Toll free: 

Phone: 867-920-7444 in Yellowknife
This service is provided to inform seniors and elders about programs and services which can be of assistance to them.

Alison McAteer House Crisis Line
Alison McAteer House services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can provide support and safety planning for women regardless of where they live.

If you are experiencing family violence, call for help: 867-873-8257
Toll free 1-866-223-7775

Crisis Line for Emergency Protection Orders
Toll Free: 1-866-223-7775

Family Support Centre
Phone: 867-874-3311

Fort Good Hope Victim Services
Phone: 867-598-2247 or 867-598-2352

Fort Smith Victim Services
Phone: 867-872-5911

Hay River Victim Services

Phone: 867-874-7212

Inuvik Transition House
Phone: 867-777-3877

Inuvik Victim Services
Phone: 867-777-5493 or 867-777-1555

Northwest Territories Human Rights Commission
Phone: 867-669-5575 (Yellowknife)
Toll Free: 1-888-669-5575

Sutherland House, Fort Smith
Crisis Line: 867-872-4133

Tuktoyaktuk Crisis Centre
Crisis Line: 867-977-2526

Victim Assistance Programs, Yellowknife Victim Services
Phone: 867-920-2978 or 867-765-8811

More numbers:
Crisis Lines/Family Violence Contacts

Crisis and Help Lines for Older Adults in NWT


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