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covergiving care"Caregivers are the unseen and unacknowledged foundation upon which our health-care, social services and disability supports systems are built. Their labour to support care recipients from every walk of life make our economy tick and our society run. If all caregivers took a week off, every Canadian would experience the collapse of our care systems before noon on the first day.

Unpaid caregivers and paid care providers make up the largest part of Canada’s health-care and social supports systems. Research shows that they provide approximately three hours of care for every hour provided through the rest of our systems. They help seniors living in the community or in long-term care settings; children and adults with physical, intellectual, or developmental disabilities; people with medical conditions; people experiencing mental illness; and people with changing support needs related to aging. The sustainability of Canada’s health-care and social systems relies on caregivers and care providers, but they are at a breaking point. (...)

Caregiving is the next frontier of public policy in Canada. This policy whitepaper aims to ignite a public conversation on the state of caregiving and how we can do better. Over the coming months, CCCE will work with caregivers, care providers, care recipients, policy makers and stakeholders across the country to help shape the caregiving future we need."

Source: Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence


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