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Are you a committed, passionate person?

Are you looking for an opportunity to make a difference, educate, and help prevent elder abuse across Canada?

The Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (CNPEA) is looking to fill a few positions on its Board of Directors!


THE CNPEA is a registered charity that connects people and organizations to foster the exchange of reliable information relating to the prevention of abuse of older adults. The CNPEA is also committed to advancing programs and policy developments which aim to improve the lives of our aging population, at the local, regional, provincial/territorial and national levels. Please note: Our mission is awareness raising and knowledge-sharing.CNPEA is not an advocacy group or a direct service provider.

Our board is pan Canadian, and our Board members bring a wide array of backgrounds and expertise, ranging from health care, to social work, academia, non-profit and finance. Knowledge or direct experience with elder abuse prevention is welcome but not required, as the Board of Directors  oversees the governance, strategic planning and operations of the organization, in accordance with our mission, vision and strategic plan.

We are seeking candidates who are eager to provide leadership for a growing network and who are committed to enhancing  awareness and prevention of elder abuse in Canada. We are particularly interested in candidates living in PEI, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Nunavut, Yukon and Saskatchewan.

Board members are expected to:

  • Attend monthly Board meetings. There are usually 10 meetings per year (1.5 hrs to 2 hrs each) on the 2nd Thursday of the month (12pm Central), and  one Annual General Meeting. 

Please note: All meetings are held via a web-based conferencing tool. Familiarity with these types of tools and an internet connection are required to participate.

  • Serve on Committee(s) tasked with specific goals
  • Provide guidance regarding the Network’s mission, programs, policies, operations, strategic plan, and finances
  • Actively support the sustainability and growth of the CNPEA through charitable giving and fundraising activities
  • Actively support the efforts of the CNPEA to build partnerships and strategic alliances with other organizations and agencies
  • Represent CNPEA in their community and raise awareness among their contacts.

Average Time Commitment
5-7 hours/month (committee and Board meetings are currently scheduled during the day). Board members will typically be elected for two-year terms (for a maximum of 6 consecutive years), so a two-year commitment to the organization is recommended. The CNPEA membership by regular motion may agree to some board position terms to be less than 2 years. Board member expectations include joining at least one committee.

What we are looking for

  • Committed and reliable individuals with a passion for elder abuse prevention, a familiarity with seniors’ issues, and a willingness to commit to 5-7 hours a month (through web or teleconference meetings and email communications)
  • Individuals from jurisdictions across Canada representing the rich diversity of the country. Our board tries to be representative of its pan-Canadian members, with board members from each jurisdiction. Due to gaps in representation on the Board, we are particularly interested in candidates living in PEI, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Nunavut, Yukon and Saskatchewan.
  • Applicants with a background in (but not limited to) the health sector, community support, nursing, law, victim services, financial sector, knowledge translation and mobilization, research, etc.
  • A positive attitude and willingness to contribute are important to us. Professional experience in the field of elder abuse prevention is not mandatory. However, we are specifically looking for people with the following skills:
    • fundraising (including, but not limited to, grant writing, seeking sponsors and donors) 
    • strategic planning,
    • communications and marketing, 
    • policy & procedure development
    • Government relations (particularly with the federal government)
  • Individuals who are affiliated with other national or local community networks that provide information, services or are otherwise connected to seniors.
  • We welcome applicants from all backgrounds and of all ages. 

What’s in it for you?

  • Collaborate with stakeholders from across Canada and network with a growing number of professionals involved in the prevention of elder abuse
  • Learn about the dynamic research, programs, and services being delivered across Canada toward the intervention and prevention of elder abuse
  •  Acquire additional experience in governance, leadership, planning, and community engagement through your work with the Board and the CNPEA membership


Please apply by completing this form by Saturday, August 7, 2021, 7 PM EST.


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