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Developing Support Groups for Older Abused WomenProduced by the BC/Yukon Society of Transition Houses (2005).

"Two hard realities of some older women’s lives, as with some younger women, are poverty and abuse. Older women continue to be one of the poorest groups in Canada in terms of average income. Sole support women sixty-five and older have lower incomes than people in any other age-gendered group over 24 years. Many of these women have outlived husbands, have worked in low paying jobs or been full time homemakers. (Statistics Canada 1999) As with their younger sisters, far too many older women are subjected to physical, emotional, sexual and financial abuse, and denial of human rights. Older women victims of abuse and violence need many of the same services and support as their younger sisters. However, there are important age and health differences among generations of women that affect delivery of outreach, education, shelter and support services. The purpose of this publication is to provide information and resource suggestions to help in the delivery of support groups for older women."

Source: BC Society of Transition Houses