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cover ahomeforall"This resource features promising practices to help move long-term care homes towards becoming safe, welcoming and inclusive spaces for the LGBTQI2S+ community.

Estimates point to roughly 10% of the general population being LGBTQI2S+, so we know that this community exists in care homes. Throughout their lives, many LGBTQI2S+ older adults in Canada have faced systemic discrimination and oppression based on their sexual and gender identities. This has been particularly prevalent within the health care system, which has resulted in a breakdown of trust in mainstream health care providers (Qmunity, n.d.).

This package was developed as a supplement to the presentation delivered at the AdvantAge Ontario Convention on “A Home for All: Making Long-Term Care Welcoming for LGBTQI2S+ People” in May 2019. This work stems from the Ontario CLRI’s Supporting Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Group."

Source: Ontario Centres for Learning, Research & Innovation in Long-Term Care