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cover longtermcareincanada nia''The NIA’s Future of Long-Term Care Policy Series ReportsIn the inaugural report of this series, Dr. Samir Sinha, the NIA’s Director of Health Policy Research, and his team will explore the current provision of long-term care across Canada and place it within the global context of comparable countries that are also tackling significant demographic transitions as they redevelop their transitions as they redevelop their systems of care.
While Canada’scurrent challenges will be highlighted, so too will evidence-informed opportunities and enablers of innovation in this growing and important area of care. Dr. Sinha’s report will set the health policy stage for the rest of the series, which will work towards developing clear recommendations for government policy and decision-makers, care providers, and citizens to consider that can improve the approach to the future provision of long-term care within the fiscal reality all governments are facing.''

Source: National Institute on Ageing