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anugusreidinst cover"A wide-ranging new study from the nonprofit Angus Reid Institute, conducted in partnership with Cardus, explores the quality and quantity of human connection in the lives of Canadians today, revealing significant segments of society in need of the emotional, social and material benefits connectedness can bring.

This study sorts Canadians along two key dimensions: social isolation (or the number and frequency of interpersonal connections a person has) and loneliness (or their relative satisfaction with the quality of those connections). From these and other findings, a detailed portrait of isolation and loneliness in Canada emerges, sorting Canadians into five groups: The Desolate (23%), the Lonely but not Isolated (10%), the Isolated but not Lonely (15%), the Moderately Connected (31%), and the Cherished (22%).

Part 1: What are social isolation and loneliness?
Part 2: The Index of Loneliness and Social Isolation (ILSI)
Part 3: Key Takeaways from the ILSI
Part 4: SolutionsPart 4: Solutions• Introvert or extrovert?• Does technology help?• Most want more time with friends and family"

Source: Angus Reid Institute