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screen shot 2020 05 07 at 4.06.26 pmThis book addresses matters of ''capacity, undue influence, powers of attorney, and guardianship, the book also addresses discrimination against older persons, predatory marriages, and other topics. Prominent among the topics discussed is elder abuse in its various forms, including financial and physical abuse, civil and criminal law remedies to counter abuse, and protection of the elderly. These are matters that need to be addressed, especially in light of horrendous breaches of care and abuse that have been reported in the press in recent years. As well, case law in areas such as predatory marriages, another form of elder abuse, have made it important to describe the vulnerability of the elders in such cases and others and to give guidance on how to prevent such abuses and predations. The book also covers end of life decisions and professionalism and ethics in dealing with vulnerable clients. The book concludes with a number of appendices that contain helpful checklists on elder abuse, undue influence, and capacity, as well as a summary of capacity criteria.''

Source: Whaley Estate Litigation Partners