Any resource posted on the Hub is first screened based on the following criteria. If you wish to share a resource with the community, please ensure that it fits the requirements below and email it to us. We usually post material within 72hrs of receiving it.
Resources and publications should:

  1. Deal with elder abuse or a topic related to it, including understanding abuse, prevention and response. In some instances we will post material more generally related to older adults' rights or seniors policy analysis
  2. Adhere to CNPEA Vision—consistent with our mission, values and philosophy 
  3. Be grounded in research or practice in the field
  4. Reflect respect for older adults and their autonomy and not be ageist in orientation
  5. Identify replicable strategies, practices or ideas, possibly with adaptation
  6. Be clearly written
  7. Be legally accurate or otherwise up to date—in some instances older documents will be kept on the hub because they remain significant in their field