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 ''Loneliness and social isolation are now being recognized as public health issues in Ontario. In his recent report, Ontario‚Äôs Chief Medical Officer, Dr. David C. Williams highlights the growing evidence that loneliness and social isolation have negative impacts on our health and wellbeing. He also recognizes the need to understand how community structures have shifted over time and why some Ontarians may not have a stronger sense of belonging.

In this webinar, Dr. Williams discusses his report Connected Communities: Healthier Together. Dr. Williams answered questions about the purpose of these reports, as well as the reason for the community focus and the call for investment in community. He talked about the value of community, being connected to community, and the lack of data surrounding social isolation and loneliness.''


  • Read Dr Williams' report Connected Communities: Healthier Together
  • Learn more about A Connected Society: A Strategy for Tackling Loneliness
  • Read Connect and Engage, the Vancouver Foundation's report on loneliness in metro Vancouver
  • Check out New Zealand's Novel Idea: A Well-Being Budget

  • Source: Tamarack Institute