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YWCA"The YWCA Metro Vancouver drew from its front-line expertise dealing with violence against women and  launched a new project called Community Action on Elder Abuse (CAEA) in May 2012. This three-year initiative has and will reach seniors aged 65 to 85, training front-line staff on elder abuse awareness. Training focuses on subjects such as communicating with older adults, directing them to appropriate resources, and identifying instances of  potential abuse, neglect or self-neglect of seniors.  From this initiative comes the facilitator’s guidebook.

This guidebook is designed to provide you, the facilitator; with all the materials you need to deliver a four-hour workshop on taking action against abuse of older adults to front-line staff/volunteers in your organization. You will find facilitator’s materials in section five consisting of important information to help you successfully deliver your workshop. This guidebook is organized as an interactive workbook. The activities support your learning and help you experience what your participants will encounter when you are facilitating your four-hour workshop. The guidebook also assists you in facilitating your workshop as it offers more in-depth information on abuse of older adults."