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Presented by:
Amber Skye, Mother, Researcher, Six Nations of The Grand River

Hosted and Facilitated by: 
Amber Wardell, Project Coordinator, Aging Without Violence
Rochella Vassell, Regional Consultant, Elder Abuse Ontario

"Abuse of Older Women is an increasingly growing problem not only in Ontario, but across Canada and around the world.  Numerous communities are working diligently to prevent and address this issue. Through this webinar,  Aging Without Violence, and OAITH in partnership with Elder Abuse Ontario are pleased to present important information related to addressing violence against older women.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To develop a greater awareness of the root causes of violence against older Indigenous women, including the impacts of colonization and socio-economic inequalities.
  2. To raise awareness and educate service providers about violence in Indigenous communities, the causes of violence against older Indigenous women and how to respond to it.
  3. To understand appropriate responses, that empower Indigenous women who have experienced violence and to facilitate and support their healing process.

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Source: Elder Abuse Ontario