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BCAAFC"The purpose of this awareness and prevention tool kit is to reduce the risk factors for Elder abuse and to ensure that situations do not occur.  We hope that by increasing awareness and holding discussions about Elder abuse and neglect, Elders will be encouraged to come forward and seek assistance. This tool kit identifies three key strategies for increasing awareness and developing practical.  We hope that by sharing information about Elder abuse, communities will develop their own prevention and intervention strategies that ‘best fits’ their unique community circumstances. The goals of the first strategy are to educate the community members about Elder abuse and neglect...The second strategy is about assisting and empowering Elders to take control over their lives and to make decisions that are in their own best interests...The third strategy is to develop practical community-based prevention and intervention services that can effectively respond to the needs of Elders who may be experiencing abuse or who may be at risk of becoming abused."   

Source: BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres