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Elder Abuse Prevalence Identification Response and Intervention Beyond the BasicsJuly 05, 2009 (57 minutes) This webinar presented by Judith Wahl of the Advocacy Centre for the Elderly includes a discussion of what elder abuse is, who is being victimized, why people don't always seek help, how ageism affects how we address elder abuse, and what people need to know to prevent and respond to abuse. To view and listen to this webinar, click here.

See also: PowerPoint slides ; Presentation slides on the Slideshare web site

About the Presenter: Judith Wahl has been the Executive Director and Senior Lawyer at the Advocacy Centre for the Elderly (ACE) since 1984. ACE is a community legal service for low-income seniors that focuses on legal issues that have a greater impact on the older population.

Presented by: Advocacy Centre for The Elderly (ACE) Content from: Community Legal Education Ontario