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A partnership team comprising researchers from the department of Community Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba and community partners and advisors, such as A&O Support Services for Older Adults (Manitoba), the Saskatoon Council on Aging, and the Kerby Centre, have developed the video Who Should I Tell?.

The video, released for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2021, aims to increase awareness of the abuse of older adults and to foster dialogue. The goal is to encourage disclosure and discussion among older adults, family and friends.

The mistreatment of older adults is a serious issue in Canada affecting up to 8.2% of older Canadians aged 55 and up living in the community (Into the Light: National Survey on the Mistreatment of Older Canadians, 2015, NICE). Mistreatment includes abuse, which can be physical, emotional, financial and sexual, and neglect; it often goes unnoticed and unreported. 

If you notice abusive situations among your friends, family, neighbors and community, it is important to talk about it. If you are experiencing abuse, talking to someone you trust is the first step in reducing the harm and staying safe. If you are unsure how to initiate the conversation, or if you need more information to learn about the signs of elder abuse, reach out to your local senior centre as a first step, or visit You can find helplines and support services in your Province or Territory on the CNPEA's  Find Help page.


Who Should I Tell?