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In July 2019, the Government of Alberta released Addressing Elder Abuse: A Toolkit for Developing a Coordinated Community Response to help communities develop a framework to address elder abuse at the local level. 

A CCR model involves a group of organizations and/or service providers working together to achieve common goals related to addressing elder abuse. These may include coordinating services for those affected by elder abuse, effective prevention strategies, and increased safety and security of older people in Alberta. By developing and implementing CCR models that are rooted in collaborative partnerships, communities can leverage the knowledge, services, and expertise of multiple partners, and provide more effective approaches to addressing elder abuse.

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This toolkit is intended to help build a community-specific, multi-disciplinary approach to addressing elder abuse. It provides a five-step process that communities, civil society organizations and individuals can use to develop a local coordinated community response (CCR) approach to address elder abuse. By encouraging collaboration, a CCR strengthens communities through collective action to prevent, reduce and respond to elder abuse.

Who is this toolkit for?

You can access the toolkit here.

Evaluation of the work

In 2020, Alberta Seniors and Housing evaluated the CCR model and created two resources - an infographic and a fact sheet - to share information on this promising practice in Alberta. You can access both here (click on the resource to view and download):

Factsheet:                                                            Infographic

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